eden jonathan levi

Chaos was her cradle,

Chaos is her grave,

Passion was her mistress,

Reason was her slave…


EDEN, a musical of chaos by Mel Marvin and Jonathan Levi, follows six very American wanderers as they try to rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


Buddy and Thalia—he the descendant of an old New Orleans political family, she a survivor of the tattoo parlors of the Mississippi River; Chantal, a thoroughly professional black New York attorney who has come to New Orleans to find her sister; Rashid, a former Black Panther; Jamie, his white protégé-turned-Marine; and finally Amira, a young Iraqi whom Jamie rescues from the rubble of the Iraqi National Museum and who follows Jamie back to New Orleans to rescue him.


EDEN is very much about these six wanderers, but it is also very much about America, an America of jazz and funk, of blues and zydeco, of rock and roll. An America that sometimes seems fixed on its own destruction, both natural and man-made. But an America that, even at its worst, sparks a global belief in its ability to re-build, to re-invent, to start again.

Jonathan Levi, Libretto

Mel Marvin, Music

Vadim Feichtner, Musical Director


Buddy, Bob Stillman

Thalia, Sandy Binyon

Rashid, Jerry Dixon

Jamie, Alex Gemignani

Chantal, Rebecca Naomi Jones

Amira, Anisha Nagarajan





November 28, 2011



Concert Premiere: November 28, 2011

Joe’s Pub, NYC